Tablet Brands: find the best match

Tablet Brands: find the best match

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Tablet Brands

Most popular tablet brands are those you already know for their laptops and smartphones. Our guide consist reliable data which will let you decide your next brand of tablet. We all know tablets fall between smartphones and laptops. They are portable, yet capable to handle tasks which you normally perform on a laptop.

Among tablet manufacturers, Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Huawei, Lenovo, Microsoft and LG are most prominent. Our roundup of best tablet brands is based on their market share and popularity among consumers. Let’s go through all these brands and see what type of tablets they produce and why they are loved among users.

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Q3 2021 Tablets Market Share

Tablet Brand Market Share
Apple 34.4%
Samsung 17.7%
Amazon 11.1%
Lenovo 10.1%
Huawei 5.4%
Other Brands 21.3%

source: Statista

Popular Tablet Brands

1. Apple

tablet brand apple
Apple is a leading tech company, well-known for its MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones worldwide. Although Apple’s products are expensive, but folks love them for their reliability, security, performance and efficiency. While talking specifically about tablets, Apple is the dominant tablet brand that holds a major share (34.4%) of the tablets market. The popularity of iPads is its own “iPadOS” and “Chipsets” that makes the whole iPad lineup different and unique from other tablet brands based on Android OS. Due to these, the iPads deliver fast and superb performance in a secure and reliable environment. This is why professionals, business and enterprise users, students and folks mostly prefer iPads over other android tabs.

Apple released their first-generation iPad, a 9.7-inch, back in 2010 that received positive feedback from people. After that, the company has released a wide range of tablets. Apple offers their tablets in 4 lineups, i.e. iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad. Unlike other tablet manufacturers’ tablets lineups, all of the lineups of Apple iPads are very popular among users. Whereas the latest Apple tablets offer incredible features and powerhouse performance that gives them an edge over all the tablets in the market. Further, the prices of Apple iPads start from $250 and go beyond $1100.

2. Samsung

tablet brand samsung
When speaking of android devices, Samsung is the king. Samsung rules the android world with its incredible android gadgets. Whether smartphones, tablets or laptops, Samsung has proven its competence. When it comes to manufacturing tablets, either high-end or low-end, budget or expensive, Samsung is the best android tablet manufacturer. With 17.7% of tablets market share, that is more than other android tablet brands market share, thus making it the prominent brand of tablets. Samsung tablets are widely known for their versatile and easy to use nature, solid performance, durable build and eye-catching design. Because of these features, along with budget prices, Samsung tablets are the choice (in the android tablet category) of every user, whether it’s a business user, a gamer, a student or a professional.

Samsung has launched its first Android tablet, Galaxy Tab 7.0, in 2010. Since then, it has manufactured various tablets in different lineups, including the Galaxy Tab series, Galaxy Book series and Galaxy View series. It has also released three tablets under the Galaxy Note series, a popular Samsung’s smartphones series. Among these, the most popular tablet lineup is the Galaxy Tab series, giving the most remarkable tabs to the android ecosystem. On top of that, the latest tablets from the Galaxy Tab series are the most powerful android tabs. Moreover, Samsung tablets’ price ranges from $100 to $1200.

3. Amazon

tablet brand amazon
Amazon is one of the five big American multinational technology companies that mainly focus on e-commerce (the world’s largest online retailer), cloud computing, artificial intelligence and digital streaming. Along with these, the company also manufactures its own electronic gadgets, including Kindle e-book reader, Fire tablets, Fire TV etc. Speaking of their Fire tablets, they are entry-level tabs, offering low-end performance, but due to their low prices and sturdy design, they are widely popular among kids, school students and budget users. More, Amazon is on the way of becoming one of the best brands of tablets in the coming years as it has a tablet market share of 11.1%, which is more than other android’s tablets market share.

Amazon released its first tablet, a 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet based on their own Fire OS (a custom version of Android OS) in 2011. After that, Amazon has produced various outstanding Fire tablets and Fire Kids tablets (specifically for kids) running on Fire OS. Both tablet lineups are admired by users because of their economical prices. As the Fire tablets run on Fire OS, which has its own Amazon Appstore for downloading and installing apps, that’s why Google Play Store and other Google services are not available on them. But as the Fire OS is based on Android OS and also, Amazon allows installation of apps from other sources on its Fire tablets, thus if you want, you can easily sideload Google’s Play Store onto it and can enjoy Google Services and apps. Furthermore, Fire tablets price ranges from $30 to $200.

4. Lenovo

tablet brand lenovo
Lenovo is one of the leading technology companies that manufactures numerous digital products. It is mainly known for producing smartphones, laptops and tablets. Lenovo produces products that target all kinds of users. Coming to the tablets, Lenovo is among the best tablet brands, producing incredible tablets for businesses, educators, gamers and entertainment. Exceptional quality and efficiency at fair pricing bring Lenovo to one of the finest tablet brands. The availability of Lenovo tablets at different prices (from budget to expensive) gets Lenovo its recognition in the tablets market and help in seizing a 10.1% market share across the globe.

Lenovo launched its first Android-based tablet, a ThinkPad Tablet, in 2011, mainly targeted at business users. Following ThinkPad Tablet, Lenovo started manufacturing various tablets in different lineups, targeting a wide range of users. The Lenovo ThinkPad and IdeaPad series tablets (hybrid tablets; can be used as laptops and tablets) are designed for business, personal use, and entertainment. While the Lenovo Tab series offers standard Android-based tablets, and it’s Lenovo’s popular tab series, offering a large number of excellent tablets. In addition, the prices of Lenovo tablets range from $80 to $800.

5. Huawei

tablet brand huawei
Huawei is a Chinese tech giant, famous for manufacturing top of the line smartphones, tablets and laptops. Apart from that, it is one of the largest telecom infrastructure manufacturers in the world. Over the years, Huawei has manufactured many excellent and powerful tablets. Due to which it has become one of the prominent brands of tablets. With a tablet market share of 5.4%, Huawei supersedes other tablet brands. With their powerful performance, incredible features and budget prices, Huawei tabs are excellent for education, entertainment, gaming and general purposes. Furthermore, Huawei latest tablets like MatePad Pro and MatePad 11 runs on their own operating system called “HarmonyOS 2”, influenced by iPadOS instead of Android OS. While the previous models of tabs are still running on Android OS.

The best tablet brand entered the tablet market in 2011 with its first android based 7-inch tablet, Huawei MediaPad. After that, the company has released many popular tablet series, including MatePad Pro, MatePad, MatePad T, MediaPad, and34. Honor Tab. But their most outstanding tablets comes from the MatePad Pro, MatePad and MediaPad lineups. Apart from their efficient performance, and stylish design, the other thing that greatly contributes to their growing popularity is the affordable price. The prices of Huawei tablets start from $80 up to $750.

6. Other Tablet Brands

Apart from all the aforementioned tablet brands, there are also other brands that manufacture a limited number of tablets. For example, some of the tablets from Microsoft and LG are the head to head competitors of Apple and Samsung. We have not mentioned those brands because of their low market share. Not mentioning them doesn’t mean that their tablets are inferior in any aspect with respect to the aforementioned tablet brands.